Launching late / by Mohammed Taher

As a person who started a business impulsively and is trying to learn its robes, I keep myself busy by reading about entrepreneurship, marketing and other related topics; mostly to keep myself aware of this new world I catapulted myself into, and also because it's fun. It helps to read from (and about) interesting people who made interesting products, and try to learn from their insightful remarks, successes and mistakes.

Then I read this:

If you are not embarrassed by the first version of your product, you’ve launched too late.
- Reid Hoffman

And I just disagree. 

1. I’m not embarrassed.

2. I launched late.

3. Best decision I ever made.

By launching World 1-2 late (on May), I was lucky to have met a professional mixing engineer in the process. That was on February, and the desired — and announced — launch was on December~January. This engineer, Marco Guardia, was the driving instrument behind the great sound of the album. Through him I got in contact with Dan Suter, a professional mastering engineer who worked for all major studios you have heard of, and Marco worked with him (by providing tons of insights) hand-in-hand, in his studio, to ensure the sound of the album is as good as it could be. Think of it as finding a best-in-class editor for your book.

I'm glad I launched late. I now have enough knowledge about making albums and facilitating work, but World 1-2 is something I wouldn't remaster or change in any way and possibly forever. It's not perfect, but its potential is well-realized and couldn't be bested after Marco's involvement.