Mega Man 365 / by Mohammed Taher

Apparently I was high, and I decided that my new year's resolution is to finish one Mega Man game per day. It doesn't matter whether it's Mega Man 2 every single day or a new game every now and then. It just has to be a Mega Man game. Sigh, I already regret this, but I guess it's worth bragging about one year from now.

There are no rules. I can play anything—Classic, X, Zero, Game Boy games. If I skipped a day for whatever reason, then I have to finish its run the day after, which means two runs in one day. If I missed 10 days, then I have to cross them off, too. So it might not be a game per day per se, but it doesn't matter. I got sick for two days and had to step away from playing, which led to finishing 3 Mega Man games yesterday. Yep, tiresome, and depending on you, could be boring. I enjoy the NES games way too much though, so it's alright. Probably the only games I know intimately.

If you're reckless enough, come join me. I'll tweet about it throughout the year with the hashtag #MegaMan365 on Twitter. I don't believe I'll last 3 months, but we'll see. The number of Mega Man games I genuinely enjoy isn't that much at all, and I don't care about the X series past the first one, so I'm ready to surprise myself with new opinions.

As of now, my personal ranking of the Classic series is as follows: 9 > 2 > 10 > 1 > 3 > 6 > 5 > 7. Then, a thousand mile later, 4. And no, 8 doesn't exist, you fool.